2 Different Types of Gutters and How They Help Your Roof

Gutters serve at least two purposes. The first one is to simply drain water away from the roof and the home, and then into a section of the property where it can be disposed of safely. The second one is to improve the appearance of the roofing system.

2 Different Types of Gutters and How They Help Your Roof

Gutters, when properly installed, don’t just protect the home. They also make it look great. But, the appearance of the gutter depends entirely on the type of gutter you get your roofers to install. We discuss your options briefly here.

Sectional Gutters

This is probably the most standard type of gutter type you’ll find. These gutters are divided into sections and are connected throughout the entirety of your roof by connectors that also serve to snap them in place. Simple, easy to install and able to get the job done, sectional gutters are the simplest type you can buy.

These gutters are manufactured section by section, hence the name. Each section is then brought to the installation site and individually attached to the edges of your roof. The connectors are then attached to the sections, creating joints that hold the gutter in place, leading to a continuous pathway for the rainwater.

The issue with sectional gutters is that the wear and tear on the joints may eventually create leaks along your roofline. The sections may also trap debris, which leads to gutter overflow and damage.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters were created to address the issues posed by sectional gutters. These gutters can easily drain the water without having to cross any sections that could eventually spring leaks or trap debris. This innovation in gutter technology makes it easier to have a roofing system that won’t need as much gutter and roof repair.

Seamless gutters are usually manufactured at the installation site using a portable gutter machine due to the difficulty of transporting long lengths of continuous gutters from shop to site. And while each section is pretty much seamless, there are still connections made when two gutters meet at corners of the roof.

The issue with seamless gutters is the difficulty in creating and installing them. An entire section of your gutter system may get damaged when heavy loads (typically due to clogged gutters) pull them away from their connection to the roofing. This can be prevented, however, with an efficient gutter protection system.

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