Roof Repairs

Quality Roof Repair in Fredericksburg VA

One of the most common worries that many have in working with a roofer is that he or she will immediately try to sell them on completely replacing their roofs without even attempting to diagnose the problems with them. We at Twin Rivers Roofing & Construction understand this all too well, which is why we promise to be fair and honest in our assessment if your roof.

Your roof was designed with durability in mind, and thus can take a surprising amount of abuse from wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail, heat, and humidity. Yet standing up to such forces takes its toll, and wear-and-tear is inevitable. Depending on the extent of the damage sustained, a simple roof repair in Fredericksburg VA may be all that is needed to return your roof to prime working order. Some may be skeptical of our promise of being honest an honest roofing contractor, especially given the fact that we stand to make more by replacing your roof than simply repairing it. Yet it’s our hope that our integrity will earn us your trust, and that trust will translate to future calls for repair needs and routine maintenance service.

Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

The key to keeping roofing issues to the point that they can be remedied by a simple roof repair in Fredericksburg VA requires a little bit of forethought on your part, however. You must be aware of any signs showing that your roof is having problems if you hope to spot them before extensive damage is done. Such signs include:

  • Loose or broken shingles or flashing on the ground around your home
  • Cracks in the ceiling or visible leaks
  • Paint bubbling on the ceilings or walls
  • Temperature variations between ground floor and upper level rooms
  • Discoloration on the siding cladding your home

The most common causes of damage your home’s roofing system are wind and water. High winds can enter through cracks or other openings in roofing material, causing pressure between the materials and the roof deck. Over time, that pressure can cause the material to loosen and rip away, exposing the roof deck. Water slowly eats away at roofing materials, eventually entering through cracks and saturating the building materials underneath. With these facts in mind, it’s recommended that you call us at Twin Rivers Roofing & Construction for an inspection immediately following a severe rain or wind storm.

Call Us Any Time of the Day or Night

Roofing issues rarely respect business hours. Every second a problem is left untreated further damages your home and your peace-of-mind. Knowing this, we offer “on call” roof repair in Fredericksburg, VA after regular business hours to identify and minimize the effects of any roofing problems so that we can return prepared to adequately correct them.

We at Twin Rivers Roofing & Construction are invested in the success of your roof. Contact us for any Residential or Commercial Roofing problems in Fredericksburg VA, Warsaw, Stafford, Montross and Spotsylvania at (540) 899-7774 or fill out our online request form.