Slate: A Roof to Last a Lifetime

Most home components don’t last forever. Paint fades, and windows and doors need replacement. Luckily, there are few things in your home that don’t need much maintenance, provided that you use the most durable products. One of those is slate roofing.

Slate: A Roof to Last a Lifetime

Today, Twin Rivers Roofing & Construction discusses what makes slate the nearest thing you can call a “forever roof”.

How Slate Is Formed

Formed 450 to 650 million years ago by the accumulation of marine sediment, slate is a natural stone made mostly of clay and sand. These materials were buried and transformed by heat and pressure under the earth into a stone that can be split consistently into tiles.

The properties of slate are determined by its chemical makeup and the different types and magnitudes of forces that acted upon it as it was being formed. The density of slate has a strong effect on its durability. High pressure and temperature make the slate denser, where it becomes less porous and less likely to absorb moisture, which makes your roofing system last a lot longer.

Properties of Slate Roofs

With nature as its main designer, homeowners and roofers alike have a variety of available slate tiles. There are plenty of colors, patterns and textures that can give your slate roof the ability to make a statement. Slate roofing systems also have a natural tendency to resist fire and mold. Best for cold climates, slate is invulnerable to frost damage and breakage due to freezing as well.

A Few Caveats

Slate roofing is obviously an easy choice due to its durability and elegance. Cost, however, might be an issues since a typical slate roof costs two to three times more than a standard asphalt shingle roof. Plus, you have to make sure that your home is built to withstand a heavier weight since slate tiles can add upwards of 500 pounds more to your roofing structure.

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