The High and Low of Roof Styles

When it comes to roofing materials, there’s so much to choose from these days. The most common tiles are made of clay and concrete. These are further categorized according to their profile: low, medium or high. Each of them can add a distinct character to your home.

The High and Low of Roof Styles

Your trusted roofing contractor, Twin Rivers Roofing & Construction, invites you to check out the following roof tile profiles to decide which best fits your style.

Low Profile

These are flat or close to flat tiles. These roofing tiles are usually made of clay, but they can also be made of stone, wood, plastic or concrete. Strong, affordable and fashionably flat, they strike at the heart of contemporary style. With their highly flat profile, they boast of alluring clean lines that are distinctly flexible and elegant.

Medium Profile

Medium profile tiles are shallow clay-pan or S-tiles that allow adjacent tiles to interlock. Interlocking roof tiles have side and top locks to improve protection from water and wind. They’re an ideal choice for a wide range of classic, Colonial and conventional home designs.

High Profile

High-profile tiles are also called barrel tiles. These are semi-cylindrical tiles, installed by overlapping courses, laid in alternating columns of convex and concave tiles. These are are made from either clay, metal, concrete or plastic. This roof tile is typical of Mediterranean or Spanish villas. Choose this to add an Old World appeal to your roofing.

Choosing the right kind of roof tile is integral to making your home look cohesive with the overall theme. Whether it be a streamlined modern contemporary or a Mediterranean country cottage look, roof tiles will set the look of your home.

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