Tile Roofing for Various Architectural Home Designs

At Twin Rivers Roofing, we recommend tile roofing for customers who are looking for environmentally friendly and durable options for their homes. Tile roofs are great, particularly, for homeowners who prefer designs reminiscent of eighteenth through twentieth century architecture.

Tile Roofing for Various Architectural Home Designs

Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Spanish

Spanish Colonial or Spanish Revival homes all have designs reminiscent of Spanish style homes built in the eighteenth century in the US. They were not ornate, but they incorporated a lot of arches and curves. These structures commonly had thick walls with small windows, which served to protect interiors from heat and humidity. The Spanish design is great for homes in warmer climates, and having a clay tile roof makes it even better as the tiles make for great insulators. Clay can keep its color for up to a century, which means it won’t fade as easily as other materials under extreme heat.


Homes built with the Mediterranean style are similar to those built with the Spanish aesthetics, but with a bit more intricacy in design. You’ll notice more ornate courtyards. There are more detailed designs on windows and doors. Red tile roofing was a prevalent choice as were barrel-shaped tiles like those seen on Spanish homes. Twin Rivers Roofing customers with Mediterranean homes likewise benefit from great insulation and protection from heat especially during the hottest months of the year.

Modern and Contemporary

When concrete tiles were created in the nineteenth century, they became a popular option for roofs on mid-century modern homes whose styles are still echoed in modern and contemporary homes these days. Large, open spaces became the norm. Overall design moved towards a simpler, more minimalistic approach. Large windows allowed for better communing with nature, too.

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