Why You Should Never Delay a Roof Repair Project

Even the sturdiest of roofs will require roof repair at some point in their life. More often than not, homeowners are lulled into this false sense of security that their roof will be all right even if it’s encountering problems. This is a common mistake that can cost you a lot of money.

Why You Should Never Delay a Roof Repair Project

Twin Rivers Roofing and Construction explains why you should never delay roof repairs.

The Dangers of Leaks

All kinds of roofing systems are vulnerable to leaks, and they get progressively weaker once they sustain this kind of damage. While leaks are the most common roofing problem, they are far from harmless. When you don’t address a leak as soon as possible, it will grow larger in just a few days or weeks.

Leaks are a good example of why you should head off roofing problems with a roof repair. The cost of addressing small roof leaks is a pittance when you compare it to the hundreds of dollars you’ll have to spend when your roof’s structural integrity is compromised by a large leak.

Mold Susceptibility

Failing to address problems in your roof turns your roof from a sturdy structure into a hub for growing mold. Leaks in the roof create warm, humid spots within the structure and results in mold and mildew in the attic.

When left unaddressed, the mold can damage the wooden parts of your roof and will make your home an unhealthy place to live – especially for family members with allergies or asthma. Mold removal is also expensive, so it’s best to not let it proliferate when you can.

Higher Energy Costs

Finally, failure to address your roof’s problems will reduce your home’s overall energy efficiency. Gaps and holes in the roof will diminish your roof’s natural insulation and interrupt its ventilating properties. The result is a home that’s too hot and humid during summer and too cold during winter.

Once you suspect your home is experiencing roofing problems, be it a leak or structural damage, don’t waste any time. Call our repair team at Twin Rivers Roofing and Construction. We’ll address these roofing problems before they become bigger and more expensive concerns.

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